"I AM NOT a woman who can always resist chocolate, wears make up to the pool, and has spotless floors all the time. But I am strong. I am invincible. I AM MOM." ~B.O.B

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Madilyn Avery

My beautiful daughter is almost 7mo. old. I can't believe time has gone by so fast. She is the most wonderful thing I've ever known. She can now sit up, eat finger foods, and take steps (if I hold her hands) She is almost constantly happy. If you smile at her, you are guaranteed a smile back. I have heard it time and time again, "I've never seen such a happy baby." We are truely blessed to have Madi in our lives. Her new thing is to give the biggest open mouth kisses. She will grab you with both hand and pull you straight toward her wide open mouth. It's more slobbery than doggie kisses. We just love it!


Lolly Pants said...

Man...so stinkin' cute. You sure are right about having a cute babe. I miss her tons, and you two of course. Well, I have accepted a teaching job in Utah...so we will be on the move..Yee Haw!

~McCoy Family~ said...

WooHoo!! This is soo exciting, welcome to the wonderful world of blogging:) Madi Moose looks ADORABLE, as usual in this pic.