"I AM NOT a woman who can always resist chocolate, wears make up to the pool, and has spotless floors all the time. But I am strong. I am invincible. I AM MOM." ~B.O.B

Monday, May 31, 2010


Madi is starting to write letters. She wanted to write my name.

Her letters go . . . R L A E H C
After that we worked on her just writing the alphabet. We only got to J before she was bored with it. Here are a few of her letters . . .
H and I


Great Finds!

A week or two ago, I went to Hobby Lobby in search of chicken decor for my kitchen. Everything I found was 50-66% off! What a steal of a deal!

I love this basket! Once we get some chickens of our own, I'll use it to collect eggs.

This is a recipe box. It currently hold Madi's flash cards.

This is one of my favorites. I decided to use it to hold my aprons. (Instead of keeping them in a box in my pantry.)

My other favorite. This is actually a candle holder. I have a tealight in it.

Last but not least, my tin sign. I love it!

This I found on craigs list. For $20! That's right $20! It's missing the glass from the front doors and I need to replace the back board, but I don't care! It's roughly 5 1/2 ft long and fabulous!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Funny Kid

We went to a baptism for a new convert yesterday. I told Madi a little about what it means to get baptized before we got there. When the young man was about to get baptized, this is the conversation between her and her dad . . .
Carson : When you get older, you can get baptized.
Madi : (with a twinkle in her eye and excitment in her voice) Yeah! I'll get a lot of bad guys!
What a funny girl! How did I get so blessed?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Ready for Summer

This morning, at breakfast, Carson says, " I think it's time for Madi to get a summer haircut."
Here is her before and after. . .

What do you think?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Day

This is what I did last Tuesday. . .

I made bread.

I made Cake Pops.

Madi loved making these.

Actually, I just started making cake pops. We finished them as a Young Womens activity. The girls gave them to their mom's as a bouquet for Mother's Day. They turned out pretty great!

Last but not least, I made lemon bars.

I've never made them before, so I was pretty excited.
We were given some HUGE lemons. No kidding they were the size of grapefruits. One lemon produced 1/2 C. of lemon juice.

It was definately a baking day. I love it!

Mother's Day Drive-In

So, per my request, Saturday night we went to the drive-in movie. It was my Mother's Day request. I don't know about anyone else, but I love the drive-in! I knew Madi would love it too.

Of course we took the truck. We have an air-mattress that is made to go in the back of the truck. So with that we put a few blankets, couch cushions, and a few pillows. It was great!
Also, it was a double feature! We got to watch "How to train your Dragon" and Clash of the Titans". Mind you we didn't get home until midnight, but it was worth it.