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Monday, July 14, 2008

Wild Cow Milking

So, for about the last year now, Carson has wanted to go to Montana for the 4th of July. Mainly for one reason, wild cow milking at the rodeo. What is "wild cow milking" you ask? I know I asked...

There are six teams. (Random everyday people that want to give this a whirl.) You sign up your team of 3 men for $20/person. Each team is assigned a cow. Wild cow? Meaning a cow that has never been milked by a person before, and therefore not about to start now. Each cow has on a haulter with a rope tied to it. The 1st whistle is to sound the shoots being opened. When the 2nd whistle is sounded each team can try to tackle and milk their cow. Each team also has a long neck bottle. They must milk the cow and get enough milk in the bottle to pour out. The 1st team to do so & run back to the judges wins.

Carson's team is on the far left...

Carson, Adam, and Jerob (all brothers) decided to give this a try. The had the biggest cow. The haulter wouldn't fit on the cow, so they just put it around it's neck. As you can see the cow got away, but not for too long. Jerob pulled out his wild cowboy skills and roped the cow. By the time they got to her it was too late. Someone else already won.

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