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Sunday, September 7, 2008

New Project

So I know a lot of people that make or buy a Colors book for their children. You know to help them learn their colors. Well I wanted to do something a little different & I suddenly want to know how to sew. I decided to make a colors quilt/wallhanging. (not sure which it will be yet) I'm pretty excited about it! It's turning out great so far. I plan on surrounding each color with white & also putting a white block below each color. That way I can write or stitch the colors name under it. So far I have each color block done. I'll post the final project when I'm done. (so excited!)

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Stacy said...

you are very ambitious. I have craft envy as well but about everyone and not just my family. We should try and be crafty together... then maybe we will get better... well that or prove to ourselves that we totally suck and have FUN in the process ;o)