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Monday, July 20, 2009

Possible Hair Tragedy

So I bought one of those "do it yourself" hair highlights from the store. (Always a mistake) I don't know what I was thinking. It always turns out looking "home done" and something usually goes wrong. I guess I just convinced myself that $6.23 couldn't be beat. I was wrong. First of all it was one of those kits with a cap - you pull you hair through tons of little holes. That takes forever! Second, I left it on for 20min... major mistake! It said to check it every 5-10 min. I should have done what it said. My hair is super blonde and a little splotchy. I'll have to see what I can do. Good thing it's just hair & it will grow out soon enough. Just heed my warning & don't buy the do it yourself hair dye...EVER!


Nancy said...

Call Brook Knudson or Danell Lynch -they can fix ya up in a jiffy! I used to by the kits you're talking about, but I never used the caps, I just mixed the paste and used aluminum foil. I had to divide my hair in three sections and rinse the first section when I was done with the second, so I would have water dripping down half my face, and while it did save me money, I finally decided it was soooo worth it to go to a salon and actually enjoy the experience. (Nothing like someone else shampooing your hair : ) Good luck! You look gorgeous no matter what anyway!

Stacy said...

the do it your self hair dye can be just fine... it is the highlighting that is a problem. sorry. I agree with Nancy. Call Brooke or DaNell.