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Friday, October 16, 2009

We all love him

Madi sure does like to hold, poke, pinch, squeeze, pet, love, push, and pull her little brother. She has also told me to put him down a few times. It's pretty fun to see how she is reacting to Cal.
We have had a pretty fun week with our new baby. He is pretty great. So far, he doesn't cry much, he only eats every 3-4 hours, and he is very alert and happy when awake.
We have had Carson's mom with us this week & Madi has enjoyed every second of it. She is leaving today & Madi is definately going to miss her Grandma Jo.
We went to Westgate the other day & it was warm enough we let Madi get in the fountain in her clothes. It was great day.

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kate the great said...

He is super cute! I hope Madi's doing good too. James is doing pretty good with George, but sometimes he gets pretty jealous and wants 'only Mom' to help him. And I'm kinda jealous of the warm weather--it's been pretty cold at our place. blech