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Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Vacation

So we went to Montana for Christmas... we drove.
On Christmas Eve we left at about 11am. We drove up to Salt Lake City and stayed the night at my cousin's house. We joined in on their Christmas morning.
This is Phoenix and Cal. Phoenix was born in July & Cal was born in October.
Impressive size, Cal.

Madi got a Barbie for Christmas and loved it.
After breakfast we took off and headed to Montana. Between stops, feedings, and a flat tire we spent 12+ hours traveling both days.
Carson had lots of things he wanted to make sure we let Madi do while on the ranch... feed the cows, ride a horse, play in the snow.
Well, we decided to ride a sled being pulled behind a 4-wheeler. Carson drove and I held Madi on the sled. The snow was pretty hard, but we were having a blast. Then Carson turned right as we hit a bump.
Madi and I tipped right over. Unfortunately, I rolled right over Madi & smashed her face into the hard ice-like snow. When I picked her up her mouth pooled with blood. I started to take her back to the house. When I looked at her again, her entire bottom 1/2 of her face was smeared with blood. I went into panic mode & started running all the way back to the house. (we were out in the field)

Once we got her cleaned up, it turned out to be a fairly shallow scratch across her check and her upper lip was scratched up pretty good. She looked pretty beat up because she had road rash and was puffy and swollen.
On Sunday, Dec. 27th, Carson gave Cal his baby blessing. It was pretty special because all 6 of Carson's siblings and their families were there.
The blessing was great. I was already weepy during the blessing, then Carson started to cry. I started sobbing. Cal is named after Carson's dad, who passed away when Carson was 11. I'm pretty sure that is part of the reason why he got emotional, but the spirit was very strong as well.

Madi had a great time playing with all her cousins. These are the "naked savages" getting ready to eat a big feast.
The rest of the trip was spent hanging out with family and friends. We really enjoyed ourselves & loved seeing everyone.

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