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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

There and Back

Carson bought some 2-Day Passes to Sea World San Diego from a guy he works with. We decided to go this week since Carson starts school next Tuesday. We left at 4am Monday morning.
We got to Sea World at 11am and began our day of fun.
First, we saw the sea lions
When we left the sea lion exhibit, Cal cried. He wanted to see more.
So, we went over to the SLL (seal lions live) show. Perfect timing.

Then, we headed to the Shark Encounter. I couldn't have been more happy! I've always wanted to see a real shark. Not just those wimpie sharks.
They had a tank that you could go under the sharks as they were swimming. It was great!
I don't know if this was an actual mouth or a replica, but it is the size of a shark from around dinosaur times. (I believe)
Next we went to the dolphin show. I didn't get too many pictures of it, because we sat in the soak zone. And we did get soaked!
The last show we saw on Day 1 was the Shamu show, "Believe". It was pretty good. Lots of splashing and jumping. The kids were starting to get pretty tired. We actually had to wake Madi up for this show.

I believe there were 4 killer whales.

We decided to stop by the beach on the way to our hotel. That way we would know where to go in the morning. Madi and Cal thought it was the greatest thing.

Let day 2 begin!

I had to keep a close eye on this one. He kept eating the sand. GROSS! He would cry when I'd take it out of his mouth.

Cal loved the water, at least for the 1st hour.

Madi was having so much fun with her bucket and shovel, she didn't even want to stop for a picture.

This was my first visit to a beach in the United States (I've been to Vina del Mar in Chile). I don't think it could have been a better experience.
The Pacific Ocean. Ocean Beach, San Diego, California.

This picture doesn't show his poor sun burn very clearly. We have a spray-on sun screen, therefore I have to apply it to my hands, then his face. I rubbed it on his cheeks and then his forehead and nose area. I guess it all wiped off my hands onto his cheeks. Poor kid. He had a "V" shaped sunburn after day 1.

No burning here. Just beautiful tan. Lucky Skunk!

Lunch at El Pollo Loco. Beach done, back to Sea World!

We left one of Madi's shoes on the beach. I only packed her one pair. Luckily, she needed new shoes anyway. Unfortunately, we were forced to buy them on vacation.

We were a little concerned Madi would be scared of the life/adult-sized Elmo and Ernie. Boy were we wrong. Carson set her down & she ran to Ernie and gave him the biggest hug. No hesitation what so ever. She immediately hugged Elmo the same.
She was so happy to see them.

Cal and I had to wait and watch while Carson and Madi rode some rides. I'm prego and he was too little to ride.

Elmo's FLying Fish. Madi is on the inside. Carson went on 2 rides with Madi.

Live Sesame Street Characters, singing.

Penguins. If you've ever seen "Happy Feet", their habitat, when he was at the zoo, looked exactly the same.

Polar Bears. At least one of these 2 is pregnant. This is going to be the "birthing cave" so the sign said.

Walrus, this guy was MASSIVE!

Beluga Whale

Giant Pacific Octopus

Jelly Fish
A Madi, who was ready to be done.

Star Fish

Not exactly sure what this was. Star fish gone crazy or something!

We kept cool with delicious treats!

The dolphin show, "Blue Horizons," was worth watching twice. It was even better the 2nd time.

Two days of fun, well spent!

Best Trip EVER!


kate the great said...

I'm totally jealous of your vacation--especially the beach! It looks amazing! I'm pretty sure I would have died if I'd had to go in the shark tunnel though. James thinks Madi is the coolest now that she has met Elmo. Lucky!
When do you find out what you're having? I find out on Monday!

Rachel said...

I find out a week from Tue. Don't worry, there will be a post.

bethy said...

That is totally cool that you guys got to go to Sea World! It looks like you had a power packed, fun filled trip. I cannot think of a much better first time US beach experience than San Diego. Good choice!