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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas is Upon Us

The week we decided to get our tree it was -25 outside. We wanted to take the kids sledding and find the best tree possible all in one shot.
We got Gunnar out of the car for this picture. Then he went straight back to the car.

Katie went down the hill once and was done. She joined Gunnar in the car.

Carson attempted to make a fire. It wasn't super successful because he couldn't find enough dry wood (and I didn't want to hang around that long).

Cal was happy just lounging. He hung out longer than Katie but soon joined her in the car.

Madi on the other hand loved it! She loves playing in the snow & I love watching her do it.
These 2 pictures of her throwing the snow are some of my favorite:

Here she is taking the sled to dad as he chops down the awesome tree I found.

Here is said tree.

So I really wanted to make Christmas cards this year. Well since Christmas is next week, it's not happening. Here are the pictures I had planned on using.

Gunnar and Cal

Katie and Madi
Here's the girls' blooper roll:

I sure do love these kids! They are hilarious!

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