"I AM NOT a woman who can always resist chocolate, wears make up to the pool, and has spotless floors all the time. But I am strong. I am invincible. I AM MOM." ~B.O.B

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


We went to Utah for the weekend. That's 10 hrs there & 10 hrs back. We left Friday night and returned Sunday night. I know... it sounds crazy. Man was it worth it. Not only did I get to see 2 of my sisters (YEAH!) A good friend of ours decided to get baptized. Our friend, Natalie, called us one day & stated she wanted to go to church. Before we could get her information to the missionaries in her area, she took it upon herself to find them. She was ready. She later called us to tell us she was going to get baptized. I was pretty excited & Carson said no matter what... we'd be there.

The missionaries, ward mission leader, Natalie, and her friend.

Us with Natalie and her friend

Natalie & her cute babies.

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