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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

There's just something about Girls and Pie

So at church I am one of the leaders for the "Faith in God Girls". I am over the 10 & 11yr girls. We meet every Tuesday and have an activity or lesson of some sort. For this weeks activity, in honor of the upcoming holiday, I had all the girls over to make some pies. (we had it as a combined activity with the older & younger girls, age 8-11) I had a total of 8 girls in my house & 2 leaders. It was great! I pre-made the dough. When the girls arrived they had to roll it out, fill it, and decide how to decorate their top. Timing seemed to work out almost perfect. Everyone got to take their pie home, except one. (thank goodness, otherwise I would have no pictures)
This is Yoko's Pumpkin Pie (as you can tell) I think it looks absolutely marvelous. In fact, they all did. I wanted to eat every single one! We had 2 cherry, 2 apple, apple crisp, peach, coconut cream & pumkin.
The reason I decided to do this activity, is because when I was in Young Women, Sister Slaton had us come over every year around Thanksgiving and make pie. This was always one of my favorite activities. So, this one's for you, Virgina Slaton, thanks for the great tradition!

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kate the great said...

One year at Thanksgiving Emily and I grabbed some empty pie pans and went around putting a slice of each kind of pie in our pans and then hid them in my room so we could eat them later that night. Then we went back to the kitchen and ate lots and lots of pie. We were geniuses. I love pie.