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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Buildin' Fence and Drivin' Tractors

For the last few weekends we've been helping some friends put up a new fence. I've never built a fence before, but Carson's done it a million times. 2 or 3 weekends ago we pounded posts. Last weekend we put up the chain-link part. (I don't know if it has a specific name. Like I said I've never built one before) My hands were super sore the next day, but I liked being outside and the work wasn't too bad. The hardest part was trying to work and still be mom. (watching Madi and tending Cal) We used a tractor to pull the fence tight. Madi sure loved riding in it. It's all she wanted to do. I think there is still more fence that needs to go up, so we will probably be out there again next weekend while the weather's still nice.

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Jeanne said...

I hope you soked in lots of vitamin D.