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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Madi loves Snow White

The other day I was folding the laundry & I noticed her sitting on the baskets.
What are you doing, I asked.
Madi: I'm Grumpy.
That's when I realized she had gone outside and got a piece of grass (or weed) and had it in her mouth.

It was then I realized she was pretending to be Grumpy from Snow White. If you watch Disney's Snow White, you will notice when the seven dwarfs go out to wash, for a brief moment they show Grumpy sitting on a stump. He puts a blade of wheat in his mouth and folds his arms as he refuses to wash. How funny a girl is Madi?! I love it. I have found her sitting & pretending to be Grumpy a few times since.


DaNell said...

CUTE!!! Glad you got pictures of that:)

kate the great said...

A couple nights ago when we were brushing our teeth James took his toothbrush out and pretended to light it like a pipe--it took me a minute to realize he was being the man on 101 Dalmations. Hilarious the things kids pick up.