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Saturday, June 5, 2010

My Eventful Weekend

So, I've been in the hospital since Friday morning, roughly 4:30am. I'm still here & they "might" release me tomorrow. Cross your fingers!

What happened you ask. . .

Well in about Feb-Mar. I was diagnoised with gallstones. The doctor and surgeon both recommended surgery to remove my gallbladder. No problem, but after doing research online and talking to my mother (who also has gall stones) I thought I would try to monitor what I ate and see if I could live with it. At least for a little while. The surgeon told me it would have to be a fat free diet & if I ever had a fever after an attack to go to the ER.

Well after a few more attacks I decided we would get my gallbladder removed. However, at the time we were trying to buy a house & needed all the extra cash we could get. So surgery was going to be scheduled in June. No problem right . . . wrong.

About midnight Friday morning I woke up having an attack. No fun, but It wasn't the most painful attack I'd ever had. So I was hanging out and sleeping off and on through the pain (stabbing below the right side of my rib cage). Well at roughly 4am I went back to bed and tossed and turned. I asked Carson if I had a fever because I was freezing. Next thing you know I am as pail as a ghost and the world keeps getting fuzzy. I laid down and felt better shortly. This happened twice then I went to the bathroom and threw-up 3 times. Since I don't throw-up very often (1-2x every 2-4 yrs) I decided this was considered an "emergency" attack & we should go to the hospital. Normally they would have done surgery and taken out my gallbladder, however I am in the 1st trimester of my 3rd pregnancy and surgery isn't an option unless it's life or death. (you read it right. I'm due in the end of Jan) So, since I put off surgery I might not be able to get it until after I have the baby. However, if I keep having attacks along with pacreatitis, they will try surgery in the 2nd trimester.

So, I was diagniosed with pacreatitis and they have kept me in the hosptial for roughly 36 hours. I asked if they would let me go home today and they said no. At least they finally let me eat something. - jello, chicken broth, fruit ice aka popscile in a cup, apple juice and water. (by the way, I feel just fine. I have no pain other than a headache from laying in bed for 2 days straight.)
The doctor said my numbers are coming down, but he want to keep me here another night. Maybe he will let me go home tomorrow. I sure do hope so!

We had a fun weekend planned for Wet N' Wild. I guess that will have to wait. Instead, I guess I will enjoy the rest and try to ingore all the shots and blood being drawn.



Jeanne said...

No fun vacation. Get the rest you can because the kids are waiting.

Nancy said...

Congratulations on the pregnancy! Those rotten gall-stones have such bad timing! Hope they don't bother you to much -till the 2nd trimester at least.

Lolly said...

Well, sad days and happy days! Congrats on another little baby. That is exciting. You guys make real cute ones for sure! Can't wait to love this one, too.

DaNell said...

OH NO, I am so sorry! Moving, babies, and gall-stones I guess when it rains it pours. PLEASE CALL ME FOR ANY HELP. I love to pack boxes or watch babies:)

K&S said...

Rachel! I have been so out of the loop! Being out of town and having some probelms of my own I've kind of lost touch with some of you. I hope all goes well and congrats on baby number 3! I wish I could help some how. I will keep you guys in our prayers.