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Monday, July 19, 2010

Fun with Family

So we, about 1 week ago, got back from a trip to Oklahoma and Missouri. We spent much time with my family and had a fabulous time. First, we met my sister Laura (Aunt Lolly) in Flagstaff. She then rode with us all the way to Oklahoma. It was great fun!
Once in Oklahoma, we got to spend time wuth my immediate family. Not everyone, but those I don't get to see very often.
This is Gibs and Cal. Gibs is my brothers son. He was born the day after Cal. What fun for cousins. I also was one day apart from a cousin. We were best friends growing up.

We only stayed at my parents' house a few days. Then we were off to my sister's (Josie) house. She lives roughly 1/2 way between my parents' and grandparents' house. We were at here house for 2 nights and had super fun. (see the fishing post for details). After Josie's, we headed to Missouri for a huge family reunion. (it was my mom's side of the family) We had a great time and got to see tons people.

After the reunion, we headed for home. Lolly came back to our house, where we got to celebrate her birthday (see the owl post) and have a fun outing.

We had such a fun vavcation! Now back to the real world, cooking and cleaning, oh yeah, and unpacking.

It rained almost everyday we were gone. We loved it. We endured the bugs and humitity. While we loved and lounged in the rain and greenery. It's true that you don't realize what you had until it's gone. We miss the green.

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