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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Life Without the Internet

I thought our internet was turned off the other day & we were finally going to have to live without it. However, today,1 week later, it worked again. We are however going to be losing our internet, so if you don't hear from me for a while, or you email me and get no response, then it's happened. Internet no more.

Since we were without it for a week. Here is a little catch up to what we've been doing. . .

Peaching It Up
I recieved my annual 32lbs of peaches this year. I made some into jame and the rest into pie/cobbler filling. One word . . .
We also have been celebrating a month full of birthdays! Carson, Cal, and Madi all have a birthday in October. I decided instead of trying to make 3 parties, we would have one big cookout of all three. Besides, Cal turned 1, Madi turned 3, and Carson turned 31, so I only need to get a #3 and a #1 candle. Sweet!
I still felt it important to make the actual birthday special, so I made Carson a birthday dinner and a blueberry pie.
We actually went camping on Cal's birthday(see the "Best Campout Ever" post). So he got a store bought cake when we got back. Don't worry I'm making a huge dinosaur cake for the cookout (as per Madi's request)
Grammy also sent presents for everyone. Here they are enjoying them. Thanks again, Grammy!
If we still have the internet, I'll post pictures of the dino cake and Madi's actual birthday, but who knows when it will go.

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