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Sunday, October 17, 2010

What a SUPER "Super Saturday"

We had our "Super Saturday" craft activity on Oct 17th. I think it went great! I made to toy roll-ups. One for each kid. I made a drawstring backpack for Madi and I also etched our last name on a casserole dish. I was there from begining to end and enjoyed myself the entire time!

Drawstring Bag

Cal's Roll-up

This one has 6 pockets. We use it for Matchbox cars.

My mom had a piece of fabric she put a little road map on a long time ago. I went ahead and made it into a mat to roll up with the cars.

Madi's Roll-up

This one has 4 pockets. We use it for a collection of toys . . . Little people, fairies, and My Little Ponies.

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