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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend

We ended up going to my sister's house on Saturday for Easter festivities. The group there consisted of the following. . . my parents, my sister, Josie, and her husband, my brother, Nate, and his family and my little brother, Kit. We had a lot of fun! We died eggs, shot skeet, hunted for eggs, ate lots of food, played frisbee forever, and hung out. We really had a great day! Here are pictures to prove it.

I made matching skirts and ties for everyone. Carson's tie matches Katie's skirt. Cal's tie matches Madi's skirt. My skirt was different than both. However, all the skirt's had the same brown trim. I think we turned out super cute.


the hatch batch said...

Super cute fabric! Nice job! :)

DaNell said...

They look so cute! Looks like you are having fun but we sure miss you guys!