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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fun with Family

First of all, I'm a terrible blogger. Sorry.

Because of that, here is the catch-up on the fun we've been having now that we live close to family.

First, A BIG Thanks goes to my sister, Josie! She came to stay with me this whole week after my surgery. I have ejoyed having her here & I know my kids have as well.

Now for our fun catch-up. It has really been fun living close to my family. Carson and I have got to know my brother and his wife a lot better and we are enjoying spending time with them. They also have a son 1 day younger than Cal. It's pretty fun to have cousins play together. In these next few pictures we went shooting skeet and rode our 4wheeler around with Nate & Brandi. It was pretty fun.

Another fun thing, is that Brandi & Gibs along with me & my kids all fit in a minivan with their Grammy. So we have been able to take a few outings while Carson is gone. It's been pretty fun & I look forward to the more to come. (I believe the zoo is on our upcoming list. HURRAY!)

These next pictures are from the children's science museum in OKC. We had a pretty great time. Madi still talks about it all the time & would go everyday if I let her.

Lastly, Grammy is getting so much fun grandma time, it's unbeleivable. I'm so greatful that I have a mother who loves to play with children as much as mine does. I always knew I had a great mother. I strive to be as good a mother as she. Now I see her as a grandmother with my children and am amazed all over again. Mom, you truely are the best. The most loving, wonderful, patient person I know. Thanks!

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Brandielle said...

So many fun times and it's not even summer yet! Bring on the warm weather and camping and playing! So many places to let our children be crazy.