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Friday, August 21, 2009

Thanks Lori!

So as most of you know I watch a little boy, Tristen, about 4 days a week. I used to work with his mom at the optometrist office. Well they just got back from vacation and brought us gifts. Not necessary, but greatly appreciated. Not only was it great to get unexpected presents, but they are super awesome presents to boot! (not an "all I got was this shirt")

For me . . .

At first I thought it would be a shirt or prego-dress. Lori, Tristen's mom, knows me better than I thought. She bought me a wicked sweet apron.

For Cal . . .
Also sweet! The horse is a soft, machine washable rattle. Also a burb cloth.
For Madi . . .
I won't lie, her's is my favorite. Also machine washable plush horse, made out of also wicked sweet fabric!
Lori's the best! Thanks a million!

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Emily said...

Haha, Lori hates Carson. No gifts for him.