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Friday, March 12, 2010

Cloth Diapers

(No, this isn't Cal. This baby is much too skinny.)

So, I have decided to try my way with cloth diapers. I'm not all crazy save the earth or anything. I just figure I could do my part to try and cut back on costs. I mean, every time Madi has an accident I'm pretty much cleaning a cloth diaper. I think for a little while I'll try to use them part-time, at least until I get the hang of it.
It was a little over whelming when I first starting looking online about cloth diapers. It was as if it was a whole new world. It's not just "disposable or cloth." There are tons of different kind of cloth diapers. So I decided to get a cloth diaper sampler and figure out what I like best. I also have been given a few patterns to make my own diapers. They don't look that hard. I'm really excited to try this & a little nervous, but mostly excited. They should arrive in 5-10 days . . . we'll see how it goes!

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kate the great said...

Bwahah-you're not all crazy save the earth. I'm glad you had to throw that in there because I totally do too when I tell people I use cloth diapers. I'll admit there will be days when you wished you hadn't switched. But it's not bad.
When I did them with James I used them at home and then whenever I went out I used disposable, but now with George I use them all the time unless he has a bum rash and then I switch til it's better. Or unless we're going on a multiple day trip.
I made George's and they are 'one size fits all' so George can wear them and James wears them at night to bed, so that is pretty sweet. I also made cloth wipes because it just made sense to use a wipe I could toss in the washer with the diaper instead of pick out and throw in the trash.
One thing I would suggest getting is a little sprayer you can hook onto your toilet so then when you need to clean a diaper out you can spray it clean instead of dunking it in the toilet.
You can probably get the parts at Lowe's or such, I got mine on ebay for $15. Good luck. whoa, this is long