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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Trip to Utah

We went to Utah for 2 weeks. It was great!

(this is a 26in pizza we got at Lotsa Motsa)

The kids and I rode in the van with my parents. Carson had to work so he just flew in to Utah on the weekends. The 1st weekend was Father's Day weekend so we went camping with Carson's BF and my cousin (they are one and the same, aka Damon). It started out great. We had a great location & the weather was just perfect.

(Mosquitos in Utah were HORRIBLE! Poor Madi had 42 bites at one point on our trip. In this picture you will notice her puffy eyes. She had 1 bite on her right & 2 bites on her left eye. Poor Chicken!)

Footie Jammies with shoes, can they get any cutier? . . .

. . .Yes! They fell asleep holding hands.

Then it rained! As you can see from the pictures, we were surrounded by mud! We were driving my cousins Honda Civic & therefore, got stuck. Damon had to borrow and eventually buy a tow rope from someone at another campsite.By the time we were completely out, it had started to snow! Are you kidding me? In the end of June?!

Our kids got along really well. Madi and Ryann are 1 day apart in age.

I found them telling each other stories one the porch.

After spending time with the great grandparents, it was off to the wedding.

Laura and Josh got married in the Logan Temple. It was great!

Madi was pretending to fish with her balloon. Funny Girl.

This was the first time we had all the grandkids together. Grammy couldn't have been more pleased.

After the wedding we headed out to the Weber. (a family cabin)

Finally, after a few days of relaxing in the cool mountains, we headed home to this hot and dry summer in Oklahoma. We had a great time.

We miss you Utah!

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